Why Do We Need A Voltage Stabilizer?

Voltage stabilizers are a common sight for us. We use it for refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, washing machines etc. The sole purpose of using a Servo voltage stabilizer is to protect our appliances during voltage fluctuation.

Servo stabilizers India

Each device that we use at our home or workplace is designed to work at a specific voltage. Anything below and above the specified voltage range will cause harm to the equipment. At low or high voltages the device will malfunction, and if it happens on a repeated basis, then the device can get permanently damaged.

For home and industrial applications, servo stabilizer manufacturers provide voltage regulators to ensure that our devices get just the required voltage as specified. It makes the equipment work properly without any problem.

What Does A Voltage Stabilizer Mean?

It is electrical equipment used to regulate the supply of voltage in scenarios, where frequent fluctuation of voltage is experienced. Servo stabilizers India is an electrical appliance that provides constant voltage irrespective of the input voltage. It has an inbuilt feature wherein it detects the voltage conditions and accordingly brings the voltage to the required level.

Types of Stabilizers

Servo stabilizer manufacturers make two types of stabilizers. One is a single phase and the second type is the three-phase voltage stabilizer. Servo stabilizers India can be non-digital and digital automatic voltage stabilizers.

These days’ additional features are available in stabilizers like high voltage protection, overload protection, zero voltage switching, voltage cut off display etc.

Why Do We Need Voltage Stabilizers?

Voltage fluctuation can be understood as a situation where you have a change in the magnitude of the voltage. It usually is below or above the specified voltage range required for your electrical equipment.

Now ‘what is a steady voltage’ varies from country to country. Some countries specify it as 230 volts for single phase and 415 volts for three-phase. Therefore, in these countries, the electrical appliances are required to operate in a single phase in the voltage range of 220 to 240 V.

In countries like India, the acceptable voltage range is 220+-10 V as per our electrical standards.

Having said that, most places witness frequent voltage fluctuations, and that is in the range of 170 to 270 V. Now this can have a significant effect on our appliances.

The Damage That Voltage Fluctuation Can Cause

In case of your lighting equipment, low voltage will eventually reduce the life of the lamp. When you are using AC motors and experience frequent voltage fluctuation. The motor life is degraded, and there is damage to the insulation as well. With devices involving induction heating, low voltage reduces the output and damages the equipment.

In televisions, the voltage drop will affect the quality of transmission and may damage other electronic components of your TV.

Therefore, to overcome the effects mentioned above of voltage fluctuations, buy a suitable stabilizer from servo stabilizer manufacturers.

Before buying a Servo stabilizer, find out the rating of your equipment, and you may also get the advice of an expert. After all, what may work best for your home may not be the right fit for your industrial equipment?


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